StylePin is a collection of your fashion and style inspirations. StylePin allows you to organize and share your fashion inspirations and personal style to the world wide web. You can also browse at other pinboards created by other members to discover new styles from people who share your interests.

Why Should You Use StylePin?

  • We focus SOLEY on fashion and style. Tired of seeing dogs and random quotes? We are too.

  • We allow our users to tag and categorize the individual clothing/style pieces, allowing our search system to have a more accurate search on finding specific pieces such as "red jacket to even "red H&M jacket."

  • Not only can you promote yourself and what you are wearing, you can also gather and organize inspirations from magazines, lookbooks, or even other street style fashionistas.
  • Create a pinboard of your ultimate style wishlist. All of us have an endless wishlist! This is a great way to share your list to family and friends during birthdays, holidays and any other special occasions.

  • We're the ONLY site to have a PRINT GENERATOR. Not only are we a virtual pinboard, but we are a physical pinboard. Select the photos from your pins and uploads, and we will automatically generate a PDF, DOC and even ZIP file of your moodboard that you can take along while shopping, wedding/event planning, vision boards for photo shoots, creative direction, etc.

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